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We are a team based out of south Edmonton with a group of very talented and hard working young girls..... excuse me..... ladies. In the spring of 2016, Coach Vuković and Coach Shawn took over the team. The team had skilled players but was never doing better than a distant 3rd place in the city. With a lot of hard work by the girls and some skilled coaching, the team has risen to be one of, if not THE best 2006 girls team in the city of Edmonton. We devote a lot of time to training and hard work and the girls have come such a long way in a short time. The coaches decided in the spring of 2017 to leave their old coaching positions and move to the Edmonton Juventus Soccer Club. It has been a great decision and we are happy to be part of the most successful soccer club in the city of Edmonton. Juventus Edmonton has won 4 National Championships and we are proud to be part of that pedigree.


U10 Indoor

City Bronze Medal

U10 Outdoor

U10 Duggan Tournament Silver

U10 TRSA (Summer Solstice) Tier 1 Gold

U10 ENZSA Summer Sizzler Gold

EMSA Outdoor League Gold

Edmonton City Championships Gold

Inter Cities / Provincials Silver

U11 Indoor

EMSA Indoor League Silver

EWZSA Indoor Slush Cup Gold

U11 Outdoor 2017

U11 Duggan Tournament Gold

2017 Outdoor Season 14-0-0 Record

U12 Indoor 2017-18

Polar Cup Gold Medal

Bronze Medalists Desert Classic Phoenix Arizona

League Silver Medal

U12 Outdoor 2018

U12 Duggan Tournament Gold

League Silver Medal

U13 Indoor 2018-19

Finished Tied for 1st Place in League

Silver Medalists Desert Classic Phoenix Arizona

U13 Tier 1 Provincial Indoor Gold Medal

U13 Outdoor 2019

League Champions

U13 Tier 1 Outdoor Provincial Gold Medal




We are always looking for talented and skilled young female players born in 2006 (or later) to join this squad. We have a few positions open on the roster and are looking for exceptionally hard working and talented young footballers.


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